Monday, February 8, 2010

#21 Guest-Doreen

My 21st guest is Doreen. She used to bake some really scrumptious goodies for Stardust here in O-town but is now off to school in London studying the Anthropology of Food. What a smarty. Amazingly with all of her schoolwork, she still has time to write two blogs. Check them out. Abandoned in London and Tasty Fever, I think I like her pub reviews the best, oh and Abandoned of course. Doreen was kind enough to give me her ReadyMade mags when she moved. Thanks Doreen and hope all is well In England!

1.What is your favorite color?

I like grey. I know it sounds depressing as hell, but grey is the very best colour. It can be very different in mood from context to context: a grey woolen blanket, a grey sky, a soft grey sweater, a hard grey wall, a photograph in shades of grey, a grey cat purring in your lap. I love how grey can be both warm and cold at the same time. I think of it more as a cozy colour, and it goes with everything. Actually, it looks quite best when paired with other colours, especially reds and greens, but even also browns and blues, and ace with pink, along with its parents, black and white. Grey gets along with everyone.

2. Who is your favorite artist?

Photography has always been something I've enjoyed looking at, so I will give you a list of photographers. Robert Frank is amazing. I was lucky to see prints of his work at the San Francisco MOMA last summer. As someone studying anthropology, I love his combination of art and ethnography, and he does it all in this stunning way with profound impact. My favorite painter is Edward Hopper, which is fitting, since so many photographers were inspired by him. My favorite contemporary artist is Kathleen Lolley, whose work is magic. There's a dreamlike mythology taking place with her work, one I'd often like to escape to.

3. If you were a painting, which one would you be? Why?

Edward Hopper's Automat. I have such a love affair with lonely things, and the woman in the painting is lovely. She seems to be thinking about so much, as if she was on the verge of making an important step, a great decision. I love to speculate as to what she is thinking about. If it really were me in the painting, though, the thoughts would be more like, "Oh, didn't get around to doing my laundry today like I needed. Damn."