Thursday, October 21, 2010

#23 Guest-Paintergirl

It has has come to this, I am going to answer my own questions and perhaps inspire others to participate in this project. xo

1-What is your favorite color?
Easy peasey-cerulean blue. A light blue that can be the sky and the sea. I probably use this color way too much when I paint.

2-Who is your favorite artist?
This one is the toughy. Some earlier entry's from others I heartily agree upon, Hopper, Robert Frank, Van Gogh, Rothko. But since this is me I am going to pick one of my mid-century loves-Robert Motherwell. Motherwell not only created amazing works, he was also a very articulate writer and was able to relay to the public certain feelings/thoughts of the Abstract Expressionists at the time. I love how he created a series of paintings based on a poem. (And reaction to the atrocities of war as well.) A very thoughtful artist of our time.

3-If you were a painting, which one would you be? Why?
I am going to pick a Richard Diebenkorn from his Ocean Park series. This one is Ocean Park #129. Diebenkorn had a studio in Santa Monica (among other places) and had a lovely view of the ocean, hence inspiration for this series. I love all his work but these paintings from later in his life really move me. I love all the subtle shades of light and dark through his color choices. I would want to be this lovely and calming and full of color as this painting.