Tuesday, March 27, 2007

# 1 Guest-Acumamakiki

My first participant is my good friend Acumamakiki. She hails from New Jersey and she is an acupuncturist, roller derby ref, mama and wifey.

1. What is your favorite color? Purple

2. Who is your favorite artist? Rothko

3. If you were a painting which one would you be? Why?

I would be Rothko's Seagram murals, the ones slated for the Four Seasons hotel. He decided the place sucked (commercialism, etc.) and pulled the project on the spot and returned the money. I'd be the series that now hangs in the Tate Gallery in London, rich browns and reds, I get lost in those paintings. I find the paintings soothing and I'd like to be that for people gazing upon me (were I actually a painting) and of course, the controversy suits me well.


JC said...

I wanna be the first comment!

And before you publish my answers I need to elaborate on question 3 a little more.

acumamakiki said...

I love that you linked the paintings PG. I can't wait to see more - I'm going to link this blog to mine. Cool idea girlfriend.

paintergirl said...

jc-wow the first commenter-how does it feel? Elaborate please or else.

acumamakiki-I'm so happy you like it. Thanks for linking me!! I never knew all the controversy over those paintings. I love to learn new things like that.